SSBIOPHARM Co., LTD made sales exclusive contract with MARAWI Co. L.L.C, worth of USD 25,000,000


[dcoinnews=choi munkeun] SSBIOPHARM has signed a sales exclusive contract with MARAWI Co. L.L.C of United Arab Emirates. The exclusive deal is worth $ 25 million, which is a stepping stone to the Middle East market.

SSBIOPHARM signed an exclusive sales contract with Cambodia through Jinhae Group, following the $20M MOU in Malaysia. Through this exclusive contract with the United Arab Emirates, it plans to go beyond Southeast Asia to the Middle East market.

SSBIOPHARM participated as the President’s Economic Delegation to President Moon Jae-in, and achieved remarkable achievement among participating companies. A visit to Malaysia and Cambodia has created a marketplace for selling health functional foods to Southeast Asian markets. Through this, SSBIOPHARM will establish a strong sales network covering Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam.

The main product that the company focuses on is Octa-Z. Octa-Z is the first health functional food in Korea to concentrate 100% of indices of peruvian maca, which are macamide and macaene. This indicator substance extraction is a patented technology of SSBIOPHARM.

Octa-Z had responses from overseas market than domestic market. Import offers flooded from the markets in Southeast Asia, Middle East and North Africa. SSBIOPHARM came to the United Arab Emirates after the economic delegation schedule and spurred on entering the Middle East and North Africa market.

Especially in the Middle East, many countries have adopted polygamy. Therefore, interest in stamina is higher than other countries. In particular, there is a clause in Quran, Arabic scriptures, that says that all wives should be loved equally. Therefore, interest in health functional foods is high due to giving equal love to all wives.

In this regard, it is natural for Octa-Z of SSBIOPHARM to have import offers from the Middle East market. Octa-Z uses Peruvian ginseng called maca to help boost stamina. Maca is known as a miracle food that the Inca Empire Native people enjoyed 2,000 years ago for valor and flourish.

Octa-Z used Red Ginseng of Korea to double its effect. Red Ginseng is compound of indices Rg1, effect of anti-coagulant, Rb1, effect soothing effect and Rg3, effect of cancer cell migration.

Octa-Z is effective not only in promoting sexual function, but also in increasing sperm count and mobility, anticancer effect, and endurance. Arginine, known to be particularly good for tincture, is contained more than 1.5 times of oysters. Other than that, iron contains 10 times as much as doduck, zinc as 11 times as much as leek, and calcium as 26 times as garlic.

Therefore, consuming Octa-Z steadily for sexual function, as well as blood flow improvement, prevention of aging, prevention of dementia, fatigue and health food for all ages, both men and women.

In particular, Octa-Z has adopted nanotechnology to increase absorption on the body. Taking Octa-Z compared to regular products, consumers can get a much better effect. This superiority differs from other products.

SSBIOPHARM plans to expand its market to neighboring countries through an exclusive contract with the United Arab Emirates. Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, and Egypt have also been designated as sales areas and have announced full-scale sales of the Middle East market.

After the Southeast Asia, there is a hot wind of the Octa-Z in the Middle East and North Africa. It was able to achieve remarkable achievement among the participating companies of President Moon Jae In’s Economic Mission. So much interest in stamina and vigor is interpreted to mean to all the people of the world.

SSBIOPHARM has announced that “Octa-Z was continuously interested product in overseas market and once again has realized interests for stamina are all same for every country”

And added that “We hope that Octa-Z will be a representative health functional food for South Korea.” “We will do our best to advance to the European and American markets beyond the Middle East and North Africa based on the UAE.”