SS BioPharm and Phamagene, $ 20 Million MOU ‘Best Performance among Participating Companies’


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-SSBIOPHARM, MOU signed with Phamagene and 10 other countries in ASEAN for exclusive agency

[dcoinnews=choi munkeun] SS BioPharm has signed an MOU with Phamagene Malaysia for US $ 20 million. It was known as one of the best performances of economic delegations with President Moon Jae-in. SS BioPharm plans to jointly promote Malaysia’s health functional foods business.

Phamagene is a company represented by Dato HJ Moehamad Izat Emir, chairman of ASEAN Exporters’ Association. He is influential enough to raise the issue of strengthening Malaysian companies at ASEAN level directly from Minister Dato Mohammad Ali.

He also made efforts to ensure that there are many opportunities to expand and streamline local markets to strengthen Malaysian businesses. To this end, the government should focus on areas such as farming, agriculture, engineering and sports equipment production through the cooperation of 10 ASEAN countries.

“We are constantly making efforts to increase economic growth,” said Dato HJ Moehamad Izat Emir. “All of the proposals that we are going to bring forward are not only promoting trade between ASEAN countries, but also promoting greater cooperation in the economic sector.”

This is interpreted as a positive signal that ASEAN countries will cooperate with various countries including Korea. In particular, as President Moon Jae – in visited Malaysia, he is likely to pursue an MOU with domestic companies in a forward – looking attitude.

“We should be able to benefit not only from ASEAN countries but also focusing on some other nations such as Australia,” he said.

He also participated in the opening of the GRC Consulting Service and the Sustainable Business Association, an international conference and exhibition, with representatives from the UK, Australia, Brazil, Japan, Germany and Singapore.

He is confident that cooperation between entrepreneurs in ASEAN countries, especially with a focus on agriculture, can be seen as a better pattern of economic development. It also has the idea that if each country goes ahead in a specific field through technology exchange, it will lead to economic development.

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“The ASEAN community has a lot of skills in agriculture, livestock and agriculture,” Dato HJ Moehamad Izat Emir said. “Local entrepreneurs plan to have opportunities to study and learn about existing technologies.”

In this regard, it is interpreted that the fact that SS BioPharm has signed MOU is because it has been evaluated as the most suitable company to match with the idea of Dato HJ Moehamad Izat Emir.As health functional foods differ in effectiveness depending on how they utilize existing food ingredients.

Especially in Malaysia, where the agricultural sector needs to be changed from food-oriented to high-income crops, effective production of health functional foods is considered to be an essential improvement project for economic development.

The ‘Octa-Z’ developed by SSBiopharm is the product that best suits the needs of this Malaysian market. It was the first in the domestic health functional food industry to have been recognized for its technological power by separating and extracting 100% purity of macaimide and macaan which are indices of Peruvian maca.

Especially, maca called “wild ginseng in Peru” is the main ingredient, and products that help male and female sex enhancement, anti-cancer effect and endurance improvement are functions of Octa-Z. It is also known to have excellent effects on improving blood flow, preventing aging, preventing dementia, and restoring fatigue.

SS BioPharm’s world-patented ultrasound extraction method makes it possible to see the effect more quickly and powerfully. It has been well valued in Southeast Asian market and overseas market and is well known in domestic market.

SSBioPharm said, “This $ 20 million MOU is a recognition of all the market performance and technology of our products.” “We are grateful that we have achieved the best results with the President’s Economic Mission.” “We have had a good response, including the Southeast Asian market,” he added. “We hope that this will have a positive effect on agriculture and industry in other ASEAN countries.”